Inside the cafe.

"A person in a hurry is like a key fitting only one thing."
      —Frederick Sommer
To escape into a literary café without going to London or Paris, just trek on over to Town House Café for one of our original home-made lunches. Portraits of authors line the walls and the conversation is as hearty as the food.  

At Town House Café we use fresh wholesome ingredients to prepare your meal. Our soups and desserts are made from scratch. Our breads are delivered fresh-baked every morning. We even roast our own meats with homemade marinades and fresh herbs. Our commitment to you is to consistently provide a dining experience that is both satisfying and nourishing. Enjoy!

  • Lunch Menu (updated July 2014—items and prices subject to change)
  • Sunday Brunch (updated July 2014—items and prices subject to change)
  • Morning Menu (updated June 2012—items and prices subject to change)
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